Our Annual General Meeting will take place next Thursday night at the Croc Pit and will include detailed look into the club’s financial situation, the appointment of the club’s executive and committee, together with an overview of the club’s future direction.
This meeting is by far-and-away the most important meeting of the year as it sets the tone for the future and gives every one of our supporters the opportunity to offer their opinion, critical or not. During the year, I get to hear of some really terrific ideas from a lot well credentialed club supporters. This wealth of knowledge needs to be brought up in the right forums and acted upon. None of us on the committee claim to be experts at the running of a football club and believe me, mistakes get made every day. However, we are all passionate footy people who love the game and the club. Sure, this year we won a premiership and with just a tiny bit of luck it could have been two but it came at a fair cost on those very small numbers who committed to the club week in and week out. At the Crocs we have a very successful formula that lacks just one ingredient; YOU!! If we had four or five more hands on deck throughout the year, the job would be a breeze. Please, if you have some ideas on how to move the club forward in a positive direction and can find two hours a week, I’d love to hear from you.

Finally, for those supporters that have a passion for the club and would like to hear from the horse’s mouth how the club is travelling, please come along next Thursday and show your support. Unfortunately, one person who will not be at our AGM this year will be club stalwart, Darren Wall, who this week suffered a stroke whilst working in Melbourne. I have spoken to Darren and he is in really good spirits. Louise is now by his side at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Darren tells me that he’ll be having a number of tests over the coming days in an effort to determine the cause of the stroke. Darren has had a number of pretty serious health issues over the years but has fought his way through on every occasion. I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing Darren a speedy recovery from this latest episode. Get well soon Mate!!
Greg Nicholson
President PDFC