President’s Report 1st July 2015

Hi All

What an amazing weekend we’ve just had.  With Super-Coach (Coops) away for the weekend and us playing for top spot on the ladder, this just looked like a recipe for a not so triffic day.  We started out with the McGoos posting a really solid win and going to the top of the ladder.  Then there was this quiet calm around the change room as Kenny got the troops ready for the top-of-the-table clash with the cocky cutters.   As I’ve said on numerous occasions, there’s nothing like getting your pants pulled down at South Cairns.  They’re the cockiest bunch of bastards known to mankind and gees it was nice to see our boys get the better of them after last month’s debacle down there.

As has been reported in the paper, I did go into the rooms after the game and get a bit excited about the win but bloody hell, it’s our Crocs and if you’d seen the performance you’d have gone as nuts as me as well.

Before the game there was this quiet calm but that was soon left behind as the boys took control like an overbearing mother looking after an undisciplined child.  “ Get to your room or I’ll smack your bum”.  They spent much of the day in their rooms!!!  Having said that, we can’t rest on our laurels and will need to produce the same sort of performance over Centrals this week for last week’s win to be worth anything.  I really hope that we see plenty of you at the Croc Pit as possible.  Not just to support the boys on the field but to help us celebrate our red-white-and-blue party on Saturday night.  There’ll be some great prizes for best dressed and all sorts of other snazzy stuff.  So just get done up in red, white & blue and you’re in!!

Can’t wait to see you there!!!

On a more serious note, we’re heading towards the pointy end of the season and a number of the boys are still looking for work.  If you have a position vacant or know of someone who has a position that needs to be filled could you please let me know.  It’s very important that we keep the lads busy during the day!

Go Crocs